Full Circle Prenatal + Fish Oil Bundle (1 month supply)

Full Circle Prenatal + Fish Oil Bundle (1 month supply)

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1 month supply of Full Circle Prenatal & Full Circle Fish Oil

Full Circle Prenatal

Full Circle Prenatal is an expert formulated prenatal designed by a Registered Dietitian (and mother) who wanted a prenatal supplement for both her clients and herself that did not take shortcuts or make any compromises on quality, potency or purity. Full Circle Prenatal delivers optimal forms and evidence-based doses of nutrients in an easy-to-tolerate formula. You'll find active, non-synthetic folate and vitamin B12, more vitamin D and choline, chelated minerals which provide superior absorption and extra glycine to help meet the demands of pregnancy. Full Circle Prenatal also goes above and beyond current prenatal standards, using third-party testing to ensure it is free of harmful contaminants including heavy metals and chemicals.


Full Circle Fish Oil

Full Circle Fish oil features patented MaxSimil® DHA monoglyceride fish oil. This readily absorbed omega-3 fatty acid formula provides concentrated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) plus eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). DHA is often recommended during pregnancy to support healthy fetal brain development. Throughout the life span, both DHA and EPA support healthy brain, heart, immune, and eye function as well as healthy eicosanoid metabolism.*